College Aalen

At Aalen College the glass façades keep themselves discreetly in the background behind wooden shutters, but they played an essential role in the project planning. In order to be able to carry out the installation of the more than 5,000 sq. metres timber curtain wall on tight schedule, they were designed and produced in a
unitised assembly method. Result: 30% saving of time and a perfect workflow during the installation.

The three-storey cubes with their straight lines, completely shrouded with shutters of larchwood, have an effect of concentration and uniformity. At the same time, the roomwise adjustable shutters offer a look at individual areas of the underlying, fully glazed building, thereby presenting a continuously varying interplay of great liveliness.

For the requirement of larchwood strips on the exterior of the curtain wall, a new development was employed. An aluminium pressure profile ensures the fixing and sealing of the glass pane. The larchwood is provided with short pieces of aluminium in a groove as mountings. By means of a special construction, the wooden strip can then be clipped onto the pressure profile. Consequently, the mounted wood with no visible screws fulfills all optical wishes. However, the function of the façade is assured by aluminium profiles and EPDM gaskets.




Technical data

College Aalen,
Country: DE Builder: Land Baden-Württemberg Architect: MGF, Stuttgart Planner of cladding: Rudi Strobel, Schorndorf Fabricator: Ruoff Fenster, Bodelshausen Build date: 2007 Area of curtain wall: approx. 5,000 m² RAICO systems: THERM+ H-I Category: Education building/gauge and research Features: Execution unitised assembly